Men Workout Compression Tank Top

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Our Men Workout Compression Tank Top instantly slims and hides “man boobs”, tightens “beer belly” and love-handles on sides, eliminates back fat and dramatically improve posture on the back.

It can be worn alone as a workout top or under any kind of clothing such as suits, t-shirts, polos and sweaters. Wear it anytime, anywhere, look inches smaller and pounds thinner!

Size Reference

Size  Fit for Height Fit for Weight 
 inch  cm  lb  kg
 S  62.9-64.9  160-165   110-121   50-55 
 M  64.9-66.9  165-170   121-143   55-65
 L  66.9-68.9  170-175   143-154   65-70 
 XL  68.9-70.9  175-180   154-176   70-80 
 XXL  70.9-74.9  180-190   176-198   80-90 

Men Workout Compression Tank Top


Made of Nylon and Spandex, the seams are very sturdy, unbreakable even under strong pull and won’t lose its elasticity after use. Seamless design makes this compression top the ideal undershirt.


Wear it to flattens your chest, stomach and back fat. Best for zumba, yoga, gym, fitness, running, jogging, hiking, cycling and other sports.

Men Workout Compression Tank Top
Men Workout Compression Tank Top